The Embodied Voice

Creating Sound Relationships

The Embodied Voice supports and explores the authentic voice we are each born with. Classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions introduce body mindful exercises designed for experiential learning. Vocal improvisation and movement promote social bonds, and a shared language and culture. Participants are encouraged to listen and express themselves as part of a unified sound that can support both their individual and group intentions.

Laura Paull, for The Huffington Post, described Hanna’s interactive vocalization that closed the first Poetics of Aging Conference in SF as “a kind of jazz riff of connected sounds and expressions, spanning a wide spectrum of possibilities, spontaneous, entirely nonverbal – and deeply emotive.”

In the workplace, goals include:

• Building a team dynamic of mutual trust and support

• Developing the confidence and skills to lead others

• Communicating effectively with colleagues and clients, including public speaking

In the classroom, goals include:

• Setting a tone of attentiveness and presence

• Supporting diversity, learning differences, and gifts

• Facilitating a cohesive group rhythm

In the health sector, goals include:

• Assisting professionals to communicate with interpersonal awareness

• Offering nonverbal support for long-term degenerative disorders

• Connecting at any stage of life or health, including end of life