Moving Into the Circle

Innovative Strategies for Long Term Care

Photo by James Lerager

Moving Into the Circle addresses the challenge of remaining integrated while living with the disintegrating effects of cognitive and movement disorders associated with aging. The program combines a wide range of sensory and interactive experiences, including touch, movement, sound, and storytelling, to help participants maintain a sense of self and community. Created in response to an elderly relative’s memory loss and social dislocation, the Circle provides a communication model for individuals, families, and care providers.

Moving Into the Circle offers the following services:

Interactive Group Program

Facilitates vital group bonding experiences for residents in assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities.

Family Support

Provides communication skills and strategic support for interacting with a loved one.

Healthcare Professional Training

Introduces a language and culture for:

• Engaging through sensory experience

• Interacting with comfort, awareness, and synergy

• Encouraging spontaneous adaptation to change


“I think what you are doing for this population is unsurpassed.”

-Jim Johnson, Executive Director of Development, Age Song San Francisco

“Our bodies don’t lie. I didn’t know what to do with my feelings. When I did something, I came alive!”

– B., resident of Life’s Neighborhood, Aegis of San Rafael

“My mother let you take her hand and slowly massage it. She doesn’t usually want people touching her…The quality of your touch is very gentle.”

-Vicky Brady, daughter of resident, Age Song at Laguna Grove

“Moving Into the Circle is a safe, joyful approach for interacting with individuals and groups that creates a sense of community and heartfelt exchange. The program is helping to change the way we view dementia care.”

-Laurel Etheridge, Geriatric Care Manager, Dementia Care Specialist for the Alzheimer’s Foundation.